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Coatings For Concrete Paving Products

High quality concrete paving products have the disadvantage that they quickly lose their bright colours if left without surface protection, and are also quickly and permanently stained by environmental influences such as leaves, moss, household products (tea, coffee, wine, ketchup, mustard etc.) and other deposits. More conventional impregnation products only provide limited protection which quickly deteriorates.

After years of intense research we have developed a permanent surface protection system based on UV coatings specifically for the production coating of concrete paving stones.

In principle, a high quality and permanent surface protection system requires the interplay of three different components:

  • Compaction and inner-hydrophobisation of core and surface concrete
  • Coating system
  • Coating application.

Concrete products coated using this system under production conditions have been demonstrating their strengths since 2001. Many surfaces are subject to extreme loads and stresses (shopping malls, partially also with road traffic) and have to date shown no signs of wear and tear. We would be very pleased to provide details of suitable reference projects, including those listed on the right.

Our coatings can be modified to meet individual client requirements with respect to degree of gloss, wear resistance, coloration and anti-slip capabilities (SRT values > 45 on blasted surfaces). 

Our coating systems for production coating operations are complemented by our refinishing paints to rectify mechanical damage and also for care and maintenance.



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