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A moving history

Towards the end of the 19th century, Magdeburg in North Germany was the site of a major chemical complex bearing the name “Saccharinfabrik Aktiengesell-schaft, vorm. Fahlberg, List & Co.” This company produced not only the saccharin it was named after; other products included above all pesticides and pharmaceuticals.

During world war II productions plants were moved to subsidiaries, e.g. to a branch “Dr. Goeze & Co. GmbH” in Wolfenbüttel. This branch was renamed in 1950 into “Fahlberg-List chemische Werke GmbH” and produced primarily pesticides, specialising in particular on potato pests. The company existed after the war as a property of “Fahlberg-List AG”, while Fahlberg-List in Magdeburg was confiscated by the soviet military administration in October 1945.

(The East German VEB Fahlberg-List company actually continued to operate for a number of years after German reunification in 1989 from the same site in Magdeburg, with some of the units being taken over by Hexal following dissolution of the company).

Shortly after the formation of the company “Fahlberg-List chemische Werke GmbH” in Wolfenbüttel, the management (Christian Koch, Dr. Günther Goeze) quickly identified an enormous demand for paints and coatings. The “special coatings” department was created in the second half of the 50s. Responsibility for this department was taken over in 1959 by Hans-Reiner Brüche, the father of today’s managing director, Jörg Brüche. 

During the 60s, the company sold high quality industrial coatings under the brand names “Falima” (Fahlberg-List Magdeburg), “Pefalon” and “Leukolin” to the milling industry, to silo and tank construction companies and for the production coating of mass produced asbestos-cement products.

In 1969, the then owner/director chose to withdraw from active business life and sold the company to Ciba-Geigy-Group of Basel. However, the special coatings department was split off and continued to operate as an independent entity under the name “Teleplast GmbH & Co. KG” after a management buy-out together with some the former shareholders of Fahlberg-List GmbH. 

The new company successfully expanded its activities in the building industry under the management of Ingeborg Schulze and Hans Reiner Brüche (with fibre-cement products, also catering for the plastics processing industries and the prefabricated building industry). Contacts with the prefabricated building industry in the early 70s resulted in the development of the product known as the “Teleplan-Panel”. A separate plant was constructed in 1975 in Braunschweig/Gliesmarode specifically for the production of this large format insulating panel. 

Production continued at two locations until 1993 (paints in Wolfenbüttel, prefabricated building products in Braunschweig). Following the sale of the property in Wolfenbüttel with effect from 1 January 1994, both production facilities were relocated to Braunschweig. The revenue from the Wolfenbüttel sale was totally re-invested, allowing the construction of a state-of-the-art production facility for paints.

It was at this time that Ingeborg Schulze and Hans Rainer Brüche retired from management and transferred responsibility to Jörg Brüche.

The production of the "Teleplan-panel" was stopped on June 30th, 2014, at the same time the capacity of stock and production for state-of-the-art UV-lacquers was considerably enlarged. Teleplast today produces coatings for mineral bounded building materials, wood-and furniture lacquers for industrial application and special solutions for plastic substrates.