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Wood- and furniture coatings

There is no raw material than wood which offers so many possibilities of design. Surface protection and–design differ depending on area of application and kind of wood or wood based materials.

We offer solutions for industrial coating of wood and wood based materials. We focus only on low-voc-lacquers  (water based) and uv-lacquers (100%).

Our products are custom-tailored and adopted to special demands on surface quality and coating possibilities.

Coating solutions for the industry are our passion – we are awaiting your challenge!

Solid Wood Furnishings





Our systems:

Stains / colourconcentrates:

  • Waterbased stains (incl. soft wood stains)
  • Solventbased stains
  • Waterbased colourconcentrates
  • Solventbased colourconcentrates
  • UV-colourconcentrates

Waterbased lacquers:

  • 1c- and 2c-hydro-lacquers, transparent
  • 1c- and 2c-Hydro-lacquers, pigmented – acc. to RAL. NCS or spezial colours
  • Hydro-UV-lacquers, transparent
  • Hydro-UV-lacquers, pigmented (reduced colour selection)

UV-lacquers (100%):

  • UV-lacquers for roller application, transparent and pigmented
  • UV-lacquers for spray application, transparent und pigmented
  • Parquet-lacquers